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Abre Tus Ojos

I wanted to create this blog post talking about my abre Tus Ojos oil and also provide some practical ways that she can be incorporated into your life. She can be purchased here:

Abre Tus Ojos was created with Santa Muerte in her purple robe, which connects to her more mystical, spiritual ways. She's the one people go to if they want to develop their gifts, and better understand the mysteries of the spirit realm. It's also made with her owl companion. Mama muerte is usually always depicted with her owl. Owls are powerful messengers, incredible seers, and understand the ways of magick. Usually shown as an omen of witches, her children know that her owl companion brings guidance from mama. Sometimes warning us of things ahead, or asking us to better pay attention.

Since my oil is made with mama muerte in her purple robes, you can imagine what she provides. She's meant to assist those wanting to develop their spiritual gifts. Everyone is born with gifts. What do I mean by gifts? I mean extra sensory abilities that allow you to communicate with energy in a way specific to you. Some are aware and had been taught, others didn't even know, and those same blessings seem to wreak havoc. It's not that the gifts are curses (something personally hate hearing) but they weren't used in healthy ways. They also weren't nurtured and sometimes the person with said gift was made to seem like an outsider.

I wanted this oil to counter and ultimately heal that. I wanted to create something that shows us we aren't freaks, or weird because we were born with such abilities. I instead wanted to capture that love that mama muerte shows her children, for it's love that provides a safe place for such abilities to be properly developed.

Some examples of gifts are:

Clairvoyance: being able to clearly SEE. You're able to see energy, spirits/entities, auras, visions, and you tend to have powerful prophetic dreams. You may be more of a visual person, able to describe things in great detail even if you haven't physically seen it.

Clairsentience: being able to clearly FEEL. Some folks confuse this with being an empath, but they are different. You can feel the energy of a space around you, you can feel energy deeper than others and even get to the root of the exact emotion, you can touch something and feel the emotions/energy that went into it. You can feel the emotions of people, but instead of it being like empathy you can feel it on a much deeper level. In a way you SEE through feeling. You're also able to feel energy from other realms/worlds.

Clairaudience: Clearing HEARING. You're able to hear spirits, and you can even hear energy itself. Sometimes you might hear songs playing in your head. You might have also had a habit of "talking to yourself" but you were actually hearing, and communicating with spirits. You can even hear sounds, songs from other realms.

Claircognizance: Clear KNOWING. Also known as your gut instinct. It's that ability to just know information about someone, a place, or thing without any prior connection. You also have an ability to instantly know things from higher realms, and other dimensions without even understanding how you know it.

Telepathy: the ability to read, or communicate with energy via your mind. Similar to clairaudiance, but you hear these things in your mind, so it's a difference sense of hearing. You're able to also read the minds of others, or communicate with others through your mind. You're also able to communicate with spirits via your mind as well.

This is only but a few examples of some abilities that you may have. Some of us have a mixture of all of these, and some may only feel connected to one. It's important to know as well that even with the above mentioned, how they express may be different to each person. So don't judge yourself, or try to compare your gifts to anyone else's.

How to use Abre Tus Ojos:

These are just some suggestions. I invite you to follow your intuition on how you personally feel called to use it.

Anointing your third eye & Crown:

This is a simple way of using it, anointing your third eye. This acts as a way of awakening your inner vision/minds eye. Some have said they felt theirs pulse as if it was waking up. That is normal. The crown chakra connects with our ability to channel messages from the higher realms. Anointing your crown helps you open/balance this, while also protecting you from feeling overwhelmed, or channeling anything harmful.

  • You can anoint both before bed to assist you in receiving prophetic dreams, messages from your spirit guides, and to better remember your dreams.

  • You can also anoint both before you any type of meditation, or visualization practices to enhance the experience and help you remember any messages that come through.

  • You can anoint both before any divination that you do for yourself & others.

  • You can also anoint both before doing spell work.

Anointing Candles for psychic development & spirit communication:

  • You can anoint purple or Indigo candles for psychic development, or simple white if you want an all purpose use.

  • You can also anoint candles that you're offering to any spirit that you're working with so the line of communication is clear between you.

Anointing Altars & Altar Tools:

  • You can anoint your spirit altars so that it opens up the lines of communication, and also ensures that you only connect with spirits that have your best interest. The oil acts as a door, and a ward.

  • Anoint your altar tools that specifically help you connect with your spirits, or psychic abilities.

Anointing Crystals for psychic development:

There are a lot of crystals that are perfect for psychic development. But not all are safe to anoint with oil. The ones that are:

  • labradorite: enhances psychic abilities, visions, and helps with dream work

  • Amethyst: activates the crown, connects with your spirit guides, and soothes any anxiety & insomnia

  • Lapis lazuli: connects to higher knowledge, occult knowledge, and also unifies the throat & third eye.

  • Clear quartz: a powerful stone to amplify your intentions & clear your mind.

These crystals can also be placed under your pillow, or next to your bed to help with dream work.

Anoint Your Journals & Book of Shadows:

It's so important that when connecting with your gifts that you have a journal that you use to record your intuitive messages. It's also important for a witch to have a book of shadows to record spells. Anointing both protects them, while also allowing your to channel more information clearly.

I pray that these tips help you, and that you remember that your gifts are a BLESSING and it's about time that you've seen them as such.


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