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Abre Tus Ojos ( Open Your Eyes)

Abre Tus Ojos ( Open Your Eyes)

An oil made with Mama Muerte In her purple robe aspect & The Great Owl spirit that always accompanies her. Her purple robe is called upon for spell work, understanding the nature of magick & connecting deeper with the spirit world.

Abre Tus Ojos (Open Your Eyes) is an oil for those that:

• Want to reveal and safely develop their own unique Psychic gifts.

• Want to learn the ways of the Spirit Realm.

• Want to strengthen their relationship with their intuition.

•Want to have better discernment & awareness.

• Want to learn how to maintain good energetic/psychic hygiene.

• Want to connect with their spirit guides & clearly receive messages from them.

• Want to enhance their dream recall & intuitive downloads.

Ways to use oil:

Anoint your third eye before bed to remember dreams.

Anoint your crown and third eye during meditation

Anoint purple candles for psychic development & spirit communication

Anoint talismans

Give as an offering to Santa Muerte

Anoint your altars for better communication with your spirits.

A note: you don’t have to be devoted to Santa Muerte to use this oil either. Just as long as you’re respectful, you can still benefit from it.


Made with a base of grapeseed oil & with herbs. Do a patch test before using on the skin.

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