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La Negra’s Scythe

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

First let us even understand a bit who La Negra is.

She is the black robe aspect of Santa Muerte. Traditionally she was depicted in 3 color white, red, & black. Black is her strongest and most powerful form. She is vengeful, can cause death to others, and destruction if her devotees ask for her to. She is the one devotees turn to if they wish to hex their enemies, or learn and and utilize baneful magick. She is also the one they turn to when they need to be protected from these same energies. It's unwise to ever disrespect her (Santa Muerte as a whole, but especially La Negra) or fail to make a promise to her because her punishments are severe.

La Negra does not abide by the threefold law (whatever you do comes back times 3) This is a wiccan law, and she is not associated with that. If you feel that you need her to remove someone out of your life, or seek out her more vengeful aspect, she won't punish you for that. But she will balance or knock your shit around if she sees it fit. She does what she wants, when she wants. This is why again it's important to fulfill your promises to her.

La Negra isn't the one to go to if you're crying, or wanting to vent to her about your emotional problems. She's there to take action, and help you do so as well. But she requires you to be level headed, not hysterical. She's not going to hold your hand and comfort you with hugs and kisses like La Blanca would. So keep that in mind when approaching her. She's stern in her love and how she teaches you. But at times, it is needed. If you see her black robe aspect in a dream pay attention, she's got an important message, and usually shows up when she's protecting you from something.

Through my personal relationship with La negra, her favorite offerings have been:

  • black candles

  • knives/weapons

  • cigarettes or just plain tobacco

  • tequila or rum

But she will tell you what she wants from you specifically. And I suggest to not ignore her when she tells you what she wants. She's direct and blunt as fuck when asking for offerings.

Now getting to the co-creation of La Negra's scythe:

This oil is for protection from all types of evil workings done against you, revealing enemies, and removing them out of your life. She also protects you from self sabotage. It's also a way to connect with La Negra to learn from her defensive magick. She encourages you to take an active role in protection work, but through this oil she guides you in that.

Using La Negra's scythe:

First understand that La Negra's energy is HEAVILY present within this oil. You'll feel it, as have other folks that used it. So respect the oil just as you would her.

Below are some practical ways that you can use the oil.

Anointing Candles:

Black candles work perfect for protection work, but if you don't have any, white will work too.

Clean your candles first with a mix of water, salt, and Siete Machos cologne. When working with her, I find that she loves this. Then anoint your candles and say your prayers for protection.

Adding to Floor Washes:

Boil some hot water with salt.

Add whatever cleansing product you normally use, then add a few drops of La Negra's scythe. Also add some siete machos cologne & florida water.

This mixture is perfect to rid your home of harmful energies, or anything you or family may have dragged in from outside. It will also protect your home from any theft, evil spirits, or anything other may thrown at you. You can also use this same mixture to clean your doors, your altars, your counters, etc for the same purpose as stated above.

Anointing Her Statues:

La Negra loves when this is used as an offering to her.

Think of it as fuel to assist her in protecting you, plus it also protects her from anyone that would try to send stuff your way, which her statues can take the hit for you. Use a small amount as too much could ruin the statue. I especially love anointing her scythe.

Anoint Talismans & Tools:

You can also anoint any talismans that you have for protection & jewelry that is specific to la negra. I say tools because I add them to her knives that I gift her, those knives are a tool for protection. So whatever tool you have, if you're about that gun life, you can also anoint those too. (she loves knives and guns big time)

Anoint Your Mirrors:

Mirrors are portals and spirits can come through them, as well as people can spy on you via them. Anointing your mirrors protects you from that and adds a barrier to cloak your actions from peeping weirdos. I suggest anointing every mirror in your home, and if you have a mirror in your room I also suggest covering them while you sleep.

Anoint Your Shoes:

People can lay tricks and traps that we'd step in, so anointing the bottom of your shoes protects your feet while you're out and about. It'll also help protect your path so you don't walk into any dangerous situations that could threaten your life.

Anointing Your Hands, Feet, Crown, Solar plexus, & Back of Your Neck:

These spots are powerful energy centers, but especially for those of us that are more sensitive to energy. These are spots where we draw in/pick up energy. You want to protect yourself from absorbing harmful energy, especially whatever isn't yours. This is also perfect to help you feel more grounded when you anoint these spots.

Anointing Your Car:

One of the intentions I had was to keep those of us that use this oil will be protected from accidents. These days when people drive recklessly, it's important to protect ourselves when we're driving. So taking the oil and anointing your car while saying: Thank you La negra for covering this car and all those inside with your black cloak of protection. Thank you for keeping us safe from all accidents or theft. Amen.

Anointing your car will also protect it from any theft. So folks trying to break into your car, or steal it. I'd suggest praying this prayer daily whenever you get into your car.

Anointing Your Home:

Just like our cars, and ourselves we also want to protect our home. People can send work our way and it'll hit our home, or cause discord inside the home. It's important to protect this space too. Also from malicious spirits, or any theft. Take some of the oil and anoint your windows of your home, the fences of your home. Your doors, and add some drops around the perimeter of the home to create a barrier.

These are just a few ways that you can use my oil. You'll be guided by La negra in how to use this oil specifically for you. She's potent, versatile, and teaches you so many ways on how we can protect ourselves. You'll also find that she speaks to you much more clearly through using this oil, so downloads from her will be more consistent. But whatever way you use her I pray that she serves you well and keeps you safe.

- Derricka

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1 Comment

Mar 14, 2023

Highly recommend La Negra’s Scythe. This oil amplifies Santisima’s energy and helps to cut thru negative energy. I find that it helps with our own negative energy as well. It helps to cut thru any self doubt, negative thoughts we hav and as well helps to cut thru negative energy sent our way.

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