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It’s my passion to show others what power they hold within themselves. As an alchemist, I empower others to transform their lives from the inside out, as the key and true gold lives within the self . Through practical intuitive guidance, light language transmissions, and energy healing, I remind those that cross my path that  they hold the keys to access that space at any time. This in turn invites them remember their true nature, which is limitless. In a time when we were conditioned to forget and conform, it’s important that we as individuals acknowledge that we are far more capable than we once believed. That no matter the cards we were dealt, or what we have previously created, we all have the power to transform those circumstances to benefit us and elevate our lives. I guide others on how to transform the poison into medicine. Whether you purchase a creation from me, book a session, read what I write, or listen to my transmissions you will always be invited back into yourself, and to be at home in your power. It’s my pleasure to serve as a reminder along your journey and to empower you to remember your Divinity. I’m grateful that whatever form it may be, that you too are part of my own journey.


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