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Divine Wealth

What do you imagine when you think of wealth?

Do you only imagine lots of money, cool cars, and designer brands? if you genuinely don't know I invite you to reflect on that for a moment... a note (there's no wrong answer)

Now that you've reflected on what wealth means to you, I wanted to share about my oil Divine wealth. The first creation that I made with mama muerte. This oil is connected to her Gold robe aspect, which is called upon and prayed to for wealth, prosperity, & money. She's seen on money altars and I've read that she's always placed in areas of business.

I didn't want to create just another money oil. I wanted to create something that would actually change the person from the inside out. An inner transformation.

A little back story..

I didn't grow up with a ton of money.

My family was on welfare. We were homeless at one point, living in motels. I always heard "money is hard to come by" "money is the root of all evil" and witnessed a lot of financial struggle, and even myself lived pay check to pay check.

I wanted to create an oil with that in mind, meaning I had to first address the mindsets I had around money, and then transform it. I wanted to do the same with this oil. To create something that could help with those of us that experienced such things in our lives.

Since we know that mama muerte is the queen of transformations, I knew that together we could really create something special. Again not something that's just another money oil, but a portal of divine wealth. A space where your mindset about money/wealth is shifted. A space where you can see the blessings in front of you. A space where you can adopt a more grateful mindset. It's in that space where you can then manifest MORE.

But I do want to share some revelations with my divine wealth oil. I've realized that wealth is completely different based on each person. Not everyone values the same thing. Most of the time people will shame you for that. Shame you for wanting more money, or liking fancy things. When in reality there's nothing wrong with that.

But it's beautiful when each person can get clear on what they value, what wealth means for them, and then attract more of that.

Some ways you can experience wealth:



Spiritual wealth



Family/ancestral wealth


I've learned you can even be wealthy as far as the elements go. I mean think about it, clean water, fresh food you've grown yourself, clean air, the warmth of a fire, and the ability to cook your food, a stable home that keeps you safe. I do feel in this current climate we can learn to appreciate more this part of wealth. Our very planet is one of wealth, abundant in resources, given we show respect to her. And give back! Because true wealth means you're able to be generous and share what you have, because you know you're abundant and there is always plenty.

I recently learned that there is a difference in"enough" and "more than enough" and when I realized that I was just okay with having enough, yet it was still hard to expand out of that. It was mind blowing. So I've been practicing saying that I always have more than enough, without the guilt of thinking I'm asking for too much. So I invite y'all as well to ask yourself if you're experiencing enough, or more than enough. And if you're even in the space of not enough, then its okay to want & need more.

Here are some practical ways that you can use divine wealth: ( she can also be purchased here:

Anointing your Money/wallets/purses:

If you want to keep the money circulating, it's great to anoint the money itself as well as the places we tend to store it. You can speak over the items "I always have more than enough money, money materializes easy for me, there is always plenty."

Plus when you anoint money, and you use that money. It circulates by way of you using it. The person who handles the money is also blessed. Which just keeps the wealth flowing.

Add to floor washes:

I love floor washes (shout out to bossy bruja for sharing how powerful they are, especially in shifting our conditions with money)

But I like to add my divine wealth oil to my floor washes, and I like to do so on mondays (road opening) and thursdays (prosperity)

A simple recipe:

Boil hot water with some cinnamon sticks & bay leaves, strain and add to your bucket.

Add a few drops of divine wealth

Add your favorite floor cleaner (shout out fabuloso)

Say your intentions of the mix, then mop.

Add to Candles for Money, abundance, & business.

Green candles: for money flow/connecting to the element of earth for physical manifestations

Gold candles: for wealth, prosperity

Orange candles: for road openers to more financial blessings

White: all purpose if you don't have the listed colors.

Anoint your hands:

Whenever you're handling money, or going out to buy things anoint your hands with divine wealth to attract great deals, free items, etc.

Add to baths:

You can add a few drops to baths for prosperity, making you magnetic to wealth, clients, etc.

Anointing the doors of your home & business:

Anoint your doors to welcome in more prosperity, wealth, financial opportunities, clients, and more blessings.

Add to your body wash & lotions:

You can add a few drops to your body wash and lotion to make you magnetic to more money, blessings, clients, prosperity, and keep you in that frequency of gratitude/divine wealth. It's also perfect for people that work in service industries whether you're a waiter, hair dresser, barista, etc. also good for dancers that rely on tips.

Anoint your phone & computers:

A lot of folks these days use their computers and phones as a source of their business, to connect with clients, share their work, etc. anoint your phone to keep the customers flowing and consistent.

Some crystals that are great for prosperity:

Pyrite (don't get wet or put oil on pyrite)

Green aventurine



Some prompts for reflection (wear divine wealth when reflecting/journaling)

What is my current relationship to money? What would I like it to be like now?

What beliefs do I have about obtaining wealth?

What does wealth look, feel, smell, taste like for me?

What ancestral money patterns are ready to be released?

I pray mama muerte bless you tenfold with a continuous multiple streams of prosperity, good fortune, & wealth.

~ Derricka

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