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Spiritual Cleansing Tips

Let's talk about cleansing, spiritual cleansing to be exact. In another post I talked about protection tips that you could use. If you haven't read it yet, here's the link to that. (

The two go hand in hand, and paired together will keep your energy on point.

So why is energy cleansing important? Think about why normal cleansing is important. It removes the dirt and harmful bacteria from your body, which prevents, clogged pores, infection, and other dis-eases. It's the same for your spiritual body. But also your emotional, and mental as well. As I mentioned in my protection post, the times we are in it's crucial to maintain spiritual hygiene (and physical too because both are related to each other) So that you're not carrying around unnecessary "dirt" which clogs your energy channels, which can again lead to dis-ease. So many people aren't aware that they are walking around with energy that isn't there own, or they've got energy from them that they haven't cleansed. They start to feel off balance.

How do you know you need to energetically cleanse? Well if your spiritual sight/senses aren't strengthened yet you'll notice a few physical symptoms that will alert you it's time for a cleanse. You feel weighed down, groggy, you've got headaches, misfortune seems to be frequent in your life, you seem to have more nightmares, and intrusive thoughts. These are just a few signs I've noticed in myself and clients.

So let's dive into some practical tips for energetically cleansing. And I say practical, because we don't need a whole bunch of fancy stuff to do this. Most things you may already have with you!


As you notice salt is a great protection and cleansing tool! What you can do is get a bowl of warm water, add a good amount of salt, let it dissolve, and speak your cleansing intentions into it. Standing up in your shower or bath, pour the water over you visualizing, praying, whatever calls to you, that whatever harmful energies are they be washed away. Make sure to pour the water down, and wipe in downward motions away from you. Rinse off with water, clear and shower as normal. I'd suggest cleaning the tub afterwards as well.


This one is powerful, and really beautiful. Nature has natural cleansing properties and is capable of transmuting harmful energies into healthy energy. To do this either stand barefoot on the grass and intend for Mother Nature to remove the energy from you. She'll pull it through your foot. The same can be done with trees. Go to a tree that calls to you, introduce yourself, and ask if it would assist you in cleansing. Once you get your answer and it's yes, proceed. Put your hand on the tree and intent for the tree to cleanse all the harmful energies out of your field. You may feel it through your hands, your feet, or both. Once you feel finished. Thank the tree and Mother Earth. ALWAYS leave an offering afterwards. Preferably something earth friendly, and that will decompose. Or whatever calls to your heart.


So this one is so satisfying, and feels amazing. Brushing out your hair (if you have hair) is a powerful cleansing ritual. Your hair is a channel for spiritual energy, and just as your actual hair gets dirty, spiritually it can too. Again if you're finding your head always hurts, this may be helpful to you! Imagine while your brush your hair anything weighing you down, mental strain, intrusive thoughts, others opinions, are all being brushed away. You can pray while you do this, visualize the brush surrounded in a specific color (violet) is perfect for this. Make sure to cleanse your brush frequently with a salt/soap mixture to keep it clean!


Again, prayer with never steer you wrong! Pray to your ancestors, the divine, whomever you're devoted to and thank them for cleansing your energies.


The violet flame is a great tool for cleansing and purification. It transmutes harmful energies into healthy energy (similar to the power of Mother Nature) but connected with the element of fire. For this imagine that you are in a pillar of violet fire. It's flowing above you, and bellow you. Imagine and intent that this violet fire cleanse you mind/body/soul. Take your time to visualize and go through each one. Cleansing your body..cleansing your mind..and cleansing your soul. Even as you breathe you're breathing in violet fire, and on every exhale you're releasing what doesn't serve you. In this pillar you can imagine whatever you don't want to carry to be burned away. There is no limit to what can be purified. I personally use this technique often, and if I'm out and about I will just do a quick visualization of me in the pillar off violet fire.


white is a perfect color candle for cleansing your energy. Whether it be on a mind/body/soul level, and even cleansing a physical space! Speak your intentions into the candle for cleansing, you can even add some rosemary to it (I suggest grounded rosemary) and burn it safely!


Sound healing is wonderful for a soothing way to cleanse your energy during mediation, or listening to it while you sleep. On YouTube and most streaming apps you can search "energy cleansing music" and find whichever one calls to you most. I like playing it in the background around the house, and on a low volume while I nap, or sleep!

This is just a short list of ways you can cleanse your energy, but they're simple and easy for even a beginner starting out. It's important to maintain a consistent cleansing routine. I'd suggest daily for optimum energy matience! I pray that these tips serve you! And if you have some tips that you like, or your suggest, share them in the comments. 🙏🏽🖤

-- Derricka

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