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Protection Tips

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

In these times that we are in, it's important that we remain protected. Protection isn't always being physically protected although that is important, it's also important to be spiritually/mentally protected. Why do we do this? Because our spirit & mind are precious and are the foundation to our physical heath/well-being. The energies that are present know this, so they tend to attack you in those places first. Why would they attack? Because our energy is their food source, think parasites. Which is exactly what these energies are: A parasite looking for a host and food supply (our energy)

I wanted to share a few protection tips that are powerful & practical.


This is one is simple, yet I feel is one of the most powerful practices that we can implement into our daily lives. Some like to create their own prayers, or they may read the bible (psalms 91 is a staple) Or some may connect with others and use their prayers. Whichever you feel called to, prayer will never not be effective.


This one is important for the fellow witch that does spell work, or if you are one who likes to set intention (you don't have to be a witch to do this) Why would you not want to share with others, because there are those that don't have your best interest, and they can sabotage your spells, and intentions. I know we hear all the time that "what is for us won't be taken away" but it can be delayed by careless behavior. Don't post your active workings online, don't reveal any wards you have online either. Don't share your workings with family, friends, or coworkers. You'll notice how much more smooth your workings go when there is no interference from others.


I know y'all might be like "huh??" let me clarify. When you go to a restaurant, y'all might be hype and want to share the food you're eating on your stories, and you post it right when take the photos. If you're going to post wait until you finish eating, and when you leave the restaurant. Why? because through intention and looking at your food, people can send harmful energies to your food, and what happens? you eat it, and take all that in. So save yourself the trouble and don't post your food, even when you're in the middle of cooking, don't share it to your stories until you're done.


Salt is a powerful protection tool that has been used for thousands of years to keep people protected from evil energies. Especially during the darker months when the spirits are more present, and the veil is thin. Again, don't tell people when you're going to do this, or when you do it. Keep it to yourself and just do it. Speak a prayer over the salt and lay it out. Cover your windows, your doorsteps, front, and back. Black salt is great, or you can use good ol regular salt. Whatever you have available.


This is one of my favorite ways to implement protection is to burn a black candle.

For me I am a devotee of Santa Muerte, and I always call on her In her black robes for protection especially against black magick. If you are not a devotee of Santa Muerte,I wouldn't recommend that. But you can just call on the energy of the color black, your particular guides and speak your intentions. Always practice fire safey!!!


This one is great for exercising your visualization skills. This is best done at the start of your day, before any workings you do, and before you go anywhere in public, can always be perfect when you're around others too. What is a protective shield anyways? It's an energy bubble basically that surrounds you. It serves as a shield to keep away evil eye, harmful energies, psychics that want to peer into your energy, any mind-control manipulation, etc. So with this you can sit in a comfortable position, or stand, however you feel comfortable and visualize or intend there be a protective shield around you. It can white, or whatever color you associate with protection. Stay with the vision as long as you can. Trust that the shield is there, you can even fortify it during the day.


The news is notorious for energy harvesting. They want to evoke feelings of anger, despair, worry, and fear because they're looking to feed off of it. Same with clickbait media. A shocking headliner causes a reaction, and your clicking is consent to let your energy be fed on. You ever wonder why you don't feel good after reading such a thing? Protect your energy by being aware of what you consume and feed your brain. Too much of harmful media can overwork your nervous system, which breaks down your energy, which means less energy you have to protect yourself. This makes it easier for parasitic entities to come on in and make house inside your aura.

These are just a few, and there so many more available! And you might even be intuitively led to your own practices. You don't even have to use these if they don't resonate. You can always ask your spirit guides to share with you your own ways. Which I highly suggest! I pray that serves y'all well!


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