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Purify is made with La Blanca, the white robe aspect of Santa Muerte. Her color is called upon for matters of healing, peace, and for those needing a more gentle hand in their life.


- Gentle healing of the mind/body/soul.

- Space & Altar Cleansing.

- Alchemizing harmful energies in and around you into nourishment that supports your health.

- Having access to the needed tools and resources for your health & well being.

- Alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, & worry.

- Promoting feelings of peace, love, and a tranquil state of mind.

- Working with La Blanca to connect with and strengthen your own natural healing abilities.


- Anoint your body, and places where healing is needed (do a patch test first, & don’t use on intimate areas. Don’t ingest)

- Anoint white candles for Healing, purification, peace, and tranquility.

- Add to spiritual baths for healing.

- Add to floor washes to promote peace and well-being in the space.

- Add to petitions for health & well-being.

- Anoint talismans for healing & peace.

- Anoint hands when doing healing work on yourself, or others.


I make no claims this oil will heal any ailments, or sickness. This is not meant to be used in place of any medical, or psychiatric care.

Purify is made is a grapeseed oil base and various herbs, flowers, and roots. Do a patch test before using on the skin.

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