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La Roja’s Scythe

La Roja’s Scythe

This oil is made with La Roja. She is the one we call on when we want to attract love, enhance our relationships (romantic & platonic). She is also the one we call on when we need to protect these relationships. She does so fiercely and won’t let anything get in the way of these connections.

This oil is for Santa Muerte devotees that want to:

•Protect their romantic, platonic, and familial relationships against hexes, jinxes, and curses. As well from evil eye, jealously, & envy.

•Protect themselves from others doing unwanted love spells on them.

•Have protection from toxic relationships (friendships & romantic)

•Clear all harmful relationship habits, vows & cycles when it comes to romance, family, and community.

•Strengthen the relationship between lovers, family, community, & friends.

•Attract & Align themselves with loyalty, devotion, & long term commitment in romantic relationships.

•Attract & align themselves with trust worthy friends, & community.

Ways to use this oil:

•Anoint red & pink candles for love workings.

•Anoint petitions to call in love, friendship, community.

•Add to baths for love, attraction, & protection.

•Anoint yourself (do a patch test) as well as your lover to enhance the love between each other.

•Give as an offering to La Roja.

This oil is made with a grapeseed oil base along with various herbs & flowers. Do a patch test before applying to skin. For external use only.

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