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Temple Of The Alchemist

  • 1 hour
  • 111.11 US dollars

Service Description

BOOKING FOR MAY ONLY Step into the temple of the alchemist. A place for powerful transformation. What is alchemy? It’s being able to transform once situation/substance into another. I use the teachings of alchemy to do just that. Using energy work to transform your situation into one that will serve you, rather than hinder you. This alchemy is focused on you and your inner space, as it is my belief that the power lies there. This space is for those that: - Are ready to transmute blockages within themselves on an emotional/mental/spiritual level. - are ready to transmute ancestral, & past life blockages, agreements, and contracts. - Want to activate their dormant gifts & step into their personal power. - Those that want to open themselves up energetically to connect with their spirit guides. - Those that are in need of an energetic cleanse or realignment & want to learn how to maintain their own auric/energetic health. (Chakra & aura cleansing) How do you know you may need need an energetic cleanse? You might feel sluggish, tired, stagnant, brain fog, nightmares, blocks in your path that seem impossible to move through, disconnect from your intuition, headaches. In these sessions, I provide the space for you to speak about where you’re currently at on your path. I provide guidance/coaching, practical steps to assist you. At the end of the session I provide energetic healing work that will also assist you in your specific situation. I use Reiki & vocal energy healing. ( sessions are conducted via FaceTime, IG video chat, & Skype. Thank you for providing needed information at checkout, as well as if there are any preferred pronouns you’d like me to use.) TERMS & CONDITIONS Temple of the Alchemist Sessions should NOT be used in place of medical treatments, or prescriptions. I am not a medical professional. I will not be held liable should you choose to follow the guidance that is given within these sessions. I make no claims these sessions will solve all your issues as you are still required to meet the energy half way. By booking this session, you are agreeing to these terms & Conditions.

Cancellation Policy

I offer the chance to reschedule sessions, as I understand things happen that could prevent either one of us from showing up to the session at the agreed time. If you need to reschedule, please do so 1 day, or 2 or more hours before the session you chose. There will be no refunds on sessions.

Contact Details

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