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Serpent Seductress (10ml roll on)

Serpent Seductress (10ml roll on)

Made with the energy of the serpent and the dark mother Queen Lilith. This oil is an offering to her, and in turn she’s allowed me to share this with you.

Lilith is the dark Queen all about empowerment, liberation, knowledge, and transforming ourselves. And so much more. She guides us in how to take our power back and use it in ways that are healthy, and that benefit our growth. With this oil, her energy is powerfully present. She assists you with tapping into your sexual power(your life force) but in ways that are healthy. But she also encourages you to see your worth, your value, and reminds you that you deserve to experience deep delicious Pleasure, and experiences with those and that which is worthy of your time, and energy. This oil is also made with the serpent energy, so expect yourself to undergo a powerful transformation, there’s no going back to once was.

Serpent seductress is an oil for:

•Learning the sacred art of Seduction.

•Activating your unique magnetism to POTENT levels. (Using this for attracting lovers, blessings, and anything else you desire)

•Connecting with the Ancient serpent teachers to learn Sensual Alchemy & self transformation.

•Heightened sensual pleasure (solo & partnered)

•Connecting with Lilith to learn the ways of the Dark Goddess & for sexual liberation.

•Sacral Chakra Healing & transmuting Shame.

•Protection from harassment, stalkers, & toxic obsession.

A note: you don’t have to be devoted to Lilith to use this oil. As long as you’re respectful, you will still benefit from it.



Can be used for:

• candle magick. Red for passion & pleasure

• Anointing your pulse points before a date

• Anoint talismans related to seduction & serpent energy.

•Anointing your sacral before sex magick rituals or mirror work.

•Can also be given as an offering to Queen Lilith. She likes red & black candles.



The base of this oil is made with grapeseed oil and infused with flowers, and herbs. Please do a patch test before using on the skin.