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Love Thyself

Love Thyself

This oil is made with La Roja & La Rosa. Both connecting to the power of self love, confidence, and healing the relationship we have with ourselves.

This oil is for:

•Building a strong relationship with yourself.

•developing authentic self love & learning

what that looks like for you.

•Improving your self concept.

•awakening your unique beauty from within.

•break down & clear habits of self- criticizing, self sabotage, or comparing yourself to others.

•break down & clear all societal conditions, beauty standards that were taken on from within.

•heart chakra healing.


•Anoint body during self love rituals.

•Anoint candles: Red for self confidence, pink for heart healing, sweetness towards self. White for purifying & healing.

•anoint mirrors for mirror work.

•Anoint crystals like rose quartz for self love/heart chakra healing.

•Anoint talismans for self love, inner beauty, & confidence.

•Use in your workings with La Roja & La Rosa.

•Add to spiritual baths for self love.

This oil is made with an almond oil base, as well as various herbs and flowers. Do a patch test before applying all over the body. For EXTERNAL use only.

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