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La Negra’s Scythe 2oz

La Negra’s Scythe 2oz

La Negra is the black robe aspect of Santa muerte. She is the most potent aspect of her. She’s called upon when you need powerful protection, especially against evil, or harmful magick being done against you.


La Negra’s Scythe is an oil for those that need:


•Protection from evil, jinxes, hexes, and curses.


• Protection from physical harm, accidents, and theft.


•Connect with La Negra’s energy to learn defensive magick, and how to protect yourself.


•Protection from psychic attacks, and protection in the spirit realm.


•Strengthen your aura to protect from evil eye, jealousy, and envy.


•Reveal hidden enemies and remove them from your life.

• uncrossing work

•transmuting all baneful energy, evil eye, sent your etc and turning it into energy to fortify your protection.


How to use her:

•Anoint talismans for protection

•Give as an offering to La negra

•Anoint your shoes, your car, and around your home. Especially your doors and windows.

•Anoint black candles for protection.


A note: you don’t have to be devoted to Santa Muerte to use this oil either. Just as long as you’re respectful, and understand that she’s heavily present within the oil. You’ll still benefit from it.



Made with a grape seed oil base, as well as herbs & spices. Please do a patch test before wearing on the skin.

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