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Divine Wealth 2oz

Divine Wealth 2oz

I created this oil with Santa Muerte for those wanting to access Divine Wealth. This oil is made with Santa muerte’s golden robe aspect which is called upon for matters of money, prosperity, & wealth.

Divine Wealth is for those that want to :

• Shift their mindset from lack to abundance.

• Transmute money blocks

•activate their divine wealth blueprint

• Expand their businesses, attract more clients/customers

• Open the roads to manifest money, financial opportunities, & ideas that generate more financial income.

• Attract wealth & prosperity in all of its forms (money, love, wisdom, knowledge , community, friendships, whatever holds value for you)

• Learn money magick, and money management from Santa Muerte.


How to use:

Anoint your money Anoint your wallet, purse, & debit/credit cards

Anoint the bottoms of your shoes

Anoint your hands (do a patch test)

Add to floor washes, cleaning products to bring wealth into the home

A note: you don’t have to be devoted to Santa Muerte to use this oil either. Just as long as you’re respectful, you can still benefit from it.




Connect with the oil as well to set your own intentions. Speak to it, and thank it for having helped acheive your goals.

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