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The Importance of Spiritual Discipline, Routine, & Structure

We hear a lot about spirituality these days. You see crystals inside of most stores. There's no shortage of incense, candles, and posters with inspirational quotes. When I started to embrace that there was more to life, I got caught up in the glittery part of becoming more spiritual aware. I wanted all the crystals, all the tarot decks, I was hungry for something that meant more. But even with all these things I was filling my space with, while they did help along the way, there was still something missing. We are pushed to buy all this stuff, but that hasn't truly helped that feeling of disconnect still even with these tools.

I went a long time still feeling this sort of emptiness inside me. Yes, I was going through some powerful healing moments. And at times those healing moments were a complete breakdown of all aspects I clung to. So that shit was overwhelming at times. But it wasn't until I was introduced to art of having discipline, coupled with routine and structure, my life truly changed. The thing that I wasn't lacking, I just hadn't tapped into its power yet.

What got me into this art?

Meditation, chanting mantras, and prayer.

As someone that my attention would flutter like a hummingbirds wings, I struggled with keeping my focus on single tasks unless it was repetitive. The repetition is what helped me focus and reach deeper within myself. We have heard of these tools, especially when you are on this journey. But there is a key point of ensuring their success, being disciplined.

What does that look like?

Praying everyday. Usually the same prayer for a specific amount of days.

Meditating everyday even just for 5 minutes

Mantra chanting everyday. Same as with prayer usually the same mantra repeated a certain amount of times, for a specific amount of days.

That led me to be disciplined and create routine in other aspects life such as:

Stretching my intuitive/Psychic muscles daily.

Writing in my journal daily.

Making my bed when I wake up daily.

Refreshing My altars daily.

Doing My skincare routine daily.

This all helped me understand the benefits of being disciplined, unwilling to let anything distract me. My life went so much more smoothly. It also ensured that I wasn't falling into the trap of "nah, I'll do it tomorrow" I made sure to be on top of it daily. I prioritized these routines. These routines created a powerful foundation that I have been building over the last 4 years.

But let me share with y'all how my life transformed with this:

It's easier to process what comes up and what occurs around me.

I'm able to maintain balance no matter what goes on outside of me.

My connection with myself is better, I'm much more self aware.

My business is thriving.

My mindset is healthier. It's much easier to focus my thoughts and see things from a higher perspective.

I feel happier.

I sleep better.

Intuition on 5000%

My energy is stronger, which means more feelings of vitality.

I have healthy relationships.

Manifesting is easier. If I want, I got it.

And sooo much more!

So many people want to be tapping into higher spiritual energy, but are you willing to be disciplined enough to strengthen those abilties? Are you willing to create a foundation for yourself to thrive and not let anything distract you? Would you feel excited to know those very acts would bring nothing but blessings in your life?

A great tip that helped me in this was spending time in nature. Listen to the trees, they have much wisdom to share with us if you are willing to listen. They remind us that anything worth having and that'll be long lasting is worth the effort that went into its creation. Think of the discipline, structure, and routine as the nourishment in the creation of your most amazing self. You're creating the foundation for yourself to thrive. To be like a tree strongly rooted in yourself, able to withstand any storms that come your way.

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