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Serpent Seductress

Slither into the realm of the serpent seductress...

I wanted to create a mini guide for my serpent seductress oil, and sharing a different way of connecting with her. You can purchase her here:

This oil was made in honor of my devotion to Lilith, and as well as my serpent guides. Both of their energies are very present within the oil.

Lilith is a Goddess who empowers women to step into their own personal power, own their pleasure, and transmute all shame/guilt. She loves women who are thirsty for knowledge, and are always looking to level up in their journey's and power. This oil is created with those energies in mind.

What does serpent seductress do?

She awakens your inner seductress. How that will look will depend based on you. She will pull her from within and bring her front and center. A seductress can enchant others, but the true art is how she does this to herself.

A serpent seductress though has boundaries, respects herself, and only accepts high quality experiences especially when it comes to lovers, sex, and all things pleasure.

Questions to ask/journal:

Am I turned on by my own energies?

Am I attracted to myself?

What does my inner seductress look like? How does her energy feel?

Do I honor my own boundaries?

The overall energy of the oil is to help you to:

• tap into your OWN magnetism which allows you to pull things towards you (people, opportunities, blessings) Everyone's magnetism is different because everyone's energy is different.

A quick practice to tune into your own magnetism:

Sit with yourself and say "show me how my magnetism looks, feels, sounds, and tastes like" and journal what comes up for you.

• Empowers you to connect with your sexuality, your sexual desires, and how to harness your own sexual energy. Lilith is all about sexual liberation.

Questions to ask/journal:

What desires do I have?

What am I sexually attracted to?

What turns me on?

What fears do I have around my sexual energy? How can I break down those fears?

How does my sexual energy want to express itself?

• Embodying the energy of the serpent for potent transformation. Snakes are powerful guides that teach us about our sexual power, and teaching us to detach with ease what doesn't serve. They also share with us higher wisdom/knowledge.

Questions to ask/journal:

What am I called to detach from?

What identities are calling to be released?

What wisdom is my higher self sharing with me?

Ways to use her are so diverse!

• use her during your sex rituals whether with a partner or solo. Extra juicy points when you offer your orgasm to Lilith (she loves that)

• anoint red candles for passion, pleasure, desire, and power.

• add to your baths

•add to your body washes & lotions to increase your overall magnetism

•anoint your womb and do some sensual stretches, or belly dance

•for my femdom queens wear this around your subs to empower you even more, and have them begging on their knees ready to worship you. Lilith is an advocate for femdom's as she bows to no one.

• for my stripper queens wear this to the clubs to get more tips, and leave people hypnotized.

• if you work with Lilith give this to her as an offering

• wear to just increase your sensuality, seductive power, and to feel more sexual for YOU.

She's so versatile, I suggest you connect with her and set your own intentions as well.

For my more audio lovers, here's a playlist I created that gives me serpent seductress vibes:

Enjoy sexies ❤️🐍🔥


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