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Ocean Transmission

Lately the ocean has been coming up a lot for me. I've felt called to watch documentaries about the ocean and her inhabitants. It was an emotional experience, as it always has been because the ocean to me feels like home. I grew up in Long Beach California and going to the beach was a normal thing for me. For me my connection to the ocean as well reminds me of living during the times of Lemuria & Atlantis, as well as living on Sirius B which is a beautiful water planet. So of course I knew this deep call of the ocean again was because there was a message for others to receive.

So step into the water realm, and allow the ocean beings to connect with you...

"Many of you that feel connected with the ocean is because you are a being of water, you come from the ocean. You are called to the ocean for a reason as it is time for you to remember your connection with the water. The waters hold the memories of all that has ever been, could be, and will be. Water is a portal to other realms and dimensions. It connects you to those all over the world in an instant. Just as many oceans meet and connect, this is the same for those of you that read these words. Your ability to connect with all of life is a precious gift, it reminds us that we are all connected as one. Many of you as well have remembered ancient water worlds. You have visited these places in your dreams and have seen them in visions. Sometimes you question "Is this even real?" Those dreams are not a figment of your imagination, but are memories being awakened within you. These memories hold wisdom needed for the current situations within your life We water beings, your family wish to assist you with your journey now. We wish to connect with you deeper and restore the balance within. For some, you have felt like a fish out of water. The water has always been your oasis, return to that place now whether within you, or visit physically. When you feel angry, upset, or unsure turn to the water. Simply the water you drink can bring about deep healing. We wish to remind you that you are not alone in how you feel, you are deeply supported always. We know how many of you long for home as you feel not of this world, but instead feel home in far away places. We wish to remind you that home is always within you. The great ocean mother beckons you forward, she calls you to her heart. She calls you forward for deep restoration. She calls you forward to wash away the suffering of feeling disconnected. She calls you home."

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