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Not Everything Is For Spiritual Development

You might be reading this and being like "huh??" Especially if you are familiar with my work and what I share. But as I was reflecting, and having a chat with myself, the words "not everything is for spiritual development" came forward. You might wonder what does that even mean, allow me to share what came up for me.

If you are someone that is currently on your spiritual "path"you may at some point become so engrossed in it that it became your personality, your way of life, and just way of being. Myself for example, once I started becoming more aware of my spirit self, I was so into all things spiritual. If it wasn't about consciousness, intuition, ancient knowledge, spiritual growth, etc I didn't want to engage in it. I considered it "low vibration" and of little importance to me. I realized though that I was really imbalanced in my life because I became so focused on the spirit aspect, I was neglecting everything else in my life.

Earlier I found myself asking myself "why did I stop doing the things I loved doing?" and I realized I was so hyper focused on my spiritual growth, I was ignoring the other areas of growth that were needing to be nurtured. Which leads me to why not everything isn't for our spiritual growth. Some things will be for our mental growth, our emotional, our physical, or creative growth. Some things will be for our career growth. Not everything we do has to be solely for spiritual development. We think we are on a spiritual path, but there is no destination. We may think that we are trying to reach something, some level, some status, so much in fact that we neglect the human experience. We neglect the simple moments of just enjoying a new hobby. We neglect certain conversations because it's not "spiritual" enough. We ignore the things we once enjoyed simply for enjoyment because we believe if won't advance us spiritually. But it's important to not get trapped in the game of it, or thinking you're going to reach a level. That may lead to an imbalance way of life.

When we start to ignore the human aspect, or neglect our growth in other areas, we become stifled in our overall development. I know a lot of us feel we came here with a mission, or purpose, but that isn't our entire life here on earth. We also are here to learn and grow in ALL areas, and understand how everything is connected, to live in harmony. That means not focusing solely on one aspect, but being able to live with them all flowing together. We are also here to enjoy to life to the fullest. We don't always have to be working. We don't have to keep striving to reach something (enlightenment) But to simply be. I used to struggle with that, just being in the moment. I was so hyper focused on my spiritual growth. "Is this spiritually aligned? Is this spiritual enough?" I would find myself asking. Which looking back, I laugh at it now because I was so stuck in that. That again, I neglected just living. But I'm seeing that now and I'm doing what I can to maintain balance.

How can we maintain balance?

  • Do things that you loved to do just because it was something you enjoyed. If you're not sure what that is it would be great to listen to your inner child to guide you. For me? I loved to read, write, and draw. I could spend hours doing that.

  • Take some time away from the dramatics of social media, especially if you mainly follow spiritual accounts. Too much info coming at you can do more harm than good. It's okay to take a break. I like to take periods where I log out from social media and just be with myself, or loved ones.

  • REST. Rest. Rest. Rest. It's so crucial these days that we are allowing our bodies to rest. Rest from trying to reach some status spiritually, it's okay. Your guides aren't going to punish you. I struggled with this, and sometimes still do. I think "I should be doing something" but i don't have to, that's something I took on as my own belief. Rest is also healthy.

  • Come back down to earth, and go outside. Just sit with nature. Not trying to interpret anything, not trying to figure something out. Just be with her. Listen to the sounds. Feel the wind. Feel the earth beneath your hands and feet. I love coming outside and listening to the birds, and while i type this up, they are chattering away right now. It's music to my ears and reminds me how great it is be alive.

  • If you are a fellow spiritual healer, take some time away from working with clients and come back into your own energy, and body. I know a lot of folk are like "but i have to make money" but your well being is part of that whole set up. It's important not to neglect it. Ask your body what you need. For me, I do 1:1 work with clients, but I never work on the weekends. I always make sure i have time where I'm not helping others, but being with myself to recoup.

These are some ways that have helped me and I'm still learning new ways to help me maintain balance. It's a learning process and I'm reminded to embrace that. I invite y'all to as well.

- Derricka

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